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Our Services
We rely on professional, trained and qualified technicians. Apart from the initial training; we enrol our technicians for continuous training. This enables them to carry out all their work with ease as they are up to date with new technology in the industry. We assure you that our experts are registered Gas Safe Engineers. This is a clear indication of our dedication to safety and quality service. As people who are focused on quality, we only use products from legit and professional manufacturers who also value quality. The products come with warranties and if anything happens during the warranty period, the manufacturer is reliable for the repairs.

The products that we choose are also energy efficient. Efficiency of the boiler or central heating system is partly recognized by its ability to consume little energy. The other indicator of its efficiency is in terms of its operations. For a central heating system, it is the ability to achieve the set temperature within a short time and maintaining it. The efficiency of the boiler can be seen in its ability to heat the water uniformly within a short time. Every boiler and heating system comes with an unbeatable offer and guarantee. We also assure you that all our products are energy efficient and you will pay less energy bills.

Our Promise to You!

Any boiler or central heating system that we recommend is first tested in our in-house training facility. We do not recommend any product that we cannot use in our homes because we want you to have the best product for the best experience. As a world class heating company, we are passionate about quality and dedicated towards service. Your personal needs are our guiding plan as we help you choose a boiler or central system, install, maintain it and repair the system.

For the Sake of longevity

We recommend that you take regular and annual boiler serving seriously, even if your boiler and central heating system are in perfect working conditions. By servicing your system, you save yourself high energy and repair costs. Our teams of experts are very keen and if there is an issue that needs immediate action, we will notify you. Regular checkups ensure your system is efficient and reduces the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. These benefits amongst others give you a peace of mind when using the system as you are sure it is in the best condition. If you want your boiler and heating system to last for long, then you should schedule for regular servicing with a professional company.

Our coverage

Our team of experts cover Wetherby, Morley, Castleford, Headingley, and Holbeck. Our services include high class and professional;

  • Central heating installation.
  • Boiler installations.
  • Boiler repair.
  • Power flushing.
  • Central heating repairs.
  • Gas and boiler leaks.

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